DESIDERI PREZIOSI 2012 – XX Edition - MAYA: Symbols and Prophecies in Jewellery

DESIDERI PREZIOSI 2012 – XX Edition -  MAYA: Symbols and Prophecies in Jewellery

Rome, 4 December 2012 – Opening today in Rome and continuing until 9 December, in the striking setting of the Temple of Hadrian, is the twentieth edition of “Desideri Preziosi” (Precious Desires), the annual show of craftwork by the goldsmiths and silversmiths of Rome and its province. This year the show is entitled “MAYA: Symbols and Prophecies in Jewellery ", and is organised by Rome's Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the CNA (National Confederation of Craftsmanship). As every year, participants have been asked to draw inspiration from a specific theme in the creation of at least one of their products. This year, the 37 goldsmiths participating in the show will exhibit 235 unique creations. Among these will be pieces inspired by Mayan culture, combining symbols of pre-Columbian civilisation with contemporary design, tradition with innovation, the past with the future. Unique pieces in which the knowledge of ancient traditions, passed from generation to generation, merges with innovative forms and techniques. An exclusive excellence of quality that places the work of our master goldsmiths among the most important Made in Italy creations. The event, with free admission, will also host a very special and unique organisation: a highly specialised school of art within the National Mint, La Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia. On Saturday 8, in fact, starting at 11.30, there will be a lecture at the show on the subject of Mayan civilisation, held by Dr. Claudia Avitabile, with a brief presentation by Dr. Rosa Maria Villani from the art institute.

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